Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Let it fly

The world would be a better place if people actually said what they wanted to say. Just let it fly right out of their mouths, with no inhibition. Screw being polite, let's be honest. Don't waste time with sugarcoated comments. Lambaste them with the truth. No, it wouldn't be too harsh and confrontational. It should be done with class and character, such as the following.

Mr./Ms. Financial Advisor at NC State,
Why did it take you three weeks to respond to my e-mails? What do you do all day? Do you play solitaire on your computer, the computer funded by student-fees, tuition, and tax dollars? Or maybe you cruised the pages of e-bay, hell if I know but I'll tell you this much- your advising hasn't done me much good. It has only made me more confused, more upset, and more despondent towards my chances of graduating. Can you not see that I am actually trying? I am making a full-hearted attempt to manage my academic progress and financial aid status, and how do you reply? "Ms. Reid their are too many unknowns," followed by a reference to academic regulation and referral to other 'advisers'. So much for the accessibility NC State reveres themself on. I should have just e-mailed a brick wall. We all know NC State has plenty of brick walls around campus, and now apparently they are a part of the faculty.
A Fed-up, in debt, struggling student

Now, see- that went pretty well. Go ahead, try it. The world might not be necessarily a happier place, but we would get a lot more accomplished. And on that note, for the good of all humanity, ladies: quit wearing those damn leggings with Ugg boots. You all look like a clan of washed up ski-resort workers confused about what decade it is. The year is 2007, and they style is INDIVIDUALITY.

I feel better now. That is all.