Wednesday, July 08, 2009

New Finds

Cinderella MOTEL, duo from LA that reminds me of The Raincoats and Joan Jett. The duo is also the July Band of the Month for LA's Deli Magazine

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Cinderella MOTEL

Dead Unicorn

A duo that puts out edgy Fugazi like songs. A def for when you want to crank it loud.

Quality hip-hop and quality musicianship.

Sounds Delecious

An Aussie find, easy to leave playing forever, this song is for fans of Liam Finn but their other tracks remind me of Explosions in the Sky.

The Sheaks

Acoustic song that reminds me of Ryan Adams.

Corey Landis

Found this guy through NC's Dan Bryk, similar sound, excellent lyrics.

and an artist without the best pictures, but still worth a listen

L. David Segovia a Charlotte NC guy, interesting song writing and vocals, not typical singer songwriter