Thursday, June 21, 2007

Playlist for 6/21 while the server was down

3:08 Tenement Teeth/ Pela
3:13 Hide Another Mistake/ The 88
3:16 Make It with chu / Queens of the stoneage
3:20 The Chair / Greenskeepers
3:24 I used to dance with my daddy/ Datarock
3:30 Rainbow Warriors / Coco Rosie
3:33 You don't know what love is/ White Stripes
3:37 Brother/Sister / Hymns
3:47 Sufidrop / Sean Hayes
3:44 why did i drink so much last night?/ Fourth of July
3:45 Cascade Range/ The Strugglers
3:51 101 Miles and Runnin/ Je Suis France
3:54 Summer Snow/ Honored Guests
3:57 Conventional Wisdom/ Built to Spill
4:03 The A-bomb Woke Me Up/ Swimming Pool Q's
4:07 Crumble/ Dinosaur Jr.
4:11 Waiting Room/ Fugazi
4:17 Threshold Apprehension / Frank Black
4:22 Short Memory / Midnight Oil
4:25 14th St. Break / Beastie Boys
4:31 Nothin' No / David Vandervelde
4:34 In Each Thursh, A Finch / Heads On Sticks
4:38 Mr. Violin and Dancing Bear / Page France
4:40 John Harper's Heartbreak / Hearts and Daggers
4:46 Breathless / Jerry Lee Lewis
4:52 Summertime Bossa Nova / Seth Kauffman
4:56 Under The Moonlight / Travis
4:58 Buttoned Down Pt. 2 / The Patsys

Monday, June 18, 2007

why do i drink?
- to dampen reality

why do i pick at my cuticles?
-because i am nervous

why did i meet him?
-because i went to the pool hall to drink

what can i do to make this week better than the last?
-exercise, clean, listen to new music

why am i nervous?
-the upredicability of life can be fearful

i need something new, fresh

Friday, June 15, 2007

Accepting Donations

I could use a set of speakers. Tuesday I drove out to Carboro and bought a turntable. It's sitting on top of the early 70's-era stereo receiver that my dad gave me, which is perched on top of a small orange-plastic cooler.

[I just got very distracted. Check out a blog I did about the White Stripes on my myspace blog. Who's the immigrant now? ]

Thursday, June 07, 2007

DUNCE for the week goes to KELLY REID
self nomination, self-awarded

I won't even try to defend myself. I deserve the award, plain and simple. The following email will explain my situation.

TO: [my teacher]
SUBJECT: class at 10:20

Professor Warren

So it is 9:50 and I do not know if I will make it to class on time, or at

Last night I came home to find my petunia infested with whiteflys, which
were beginning to take over my gardenia, which is right next to my jade
plant and on the same ledge as my pineapple sage. My indoor garden ledge
on my third floor apartment.

So I went to home depot, got some nasty pesticide for the flowers and then
took care of the jade plant and sage by washing them with a biodegradable
all natural soap, which I did in the shower. Which caused my drain to
clog up.

Not my smartest move, letting dirt run down the drain. But I was not
about to let my mature jade plant and thriving pineapple sage to become the
victims of whiteflys.

I have been up since 8 AM and the maintenance guy is still working on my
drain. I have not taken a shower. And I cannot leave my dog here in the
apartment with him working on the drain. She's not to kind of weird guys
here when I am not.

Hopefully my drain will be fixed very soon and I will come to class as
soon as possible. I really want to talk about fuel sources.

Kelly Reid


Currently, the shower is fixed but the kitchen sink is now broken. I can shower and get ready for class but he has to come back and fix the kitchen drain. Apparently, the two are connected.

I don't want to get hat-hair from this DUNCE cap. Total bummer.

On a not so DUNCE cap move, check out the article about Local Beer Local Band night that is currently in the Independent Weekly .