Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hey Beverly Purdue, I will trade you your many sets of pearls for my wisdom teeth hurting; they still need to be extracted and I still don't have health insurance. Or, how about that boat that your sons crashed while gallivanting on the Trent River with ladies, after drinking. Yeah, that boat was probably equivalent to the costs of my college education at North Carolina State University. Of course they didn't get into trouble with mommy on their side:

The Associated Press State & Local Wire October 25, 2007 Thursday 6:15 PM GMT

Perdue brothers cleared of responsibility in boating accident

A federal judge says the sons of Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue were not responsible
for a boating accident on the Trent River in 2003.

Chief U.S. District Court Judge W. Earl Britt blamed the crash on the other
boater, Phillip Amerson, who had no lights illuminating his boat when he was
struck by the boat of Emmett and Garrett Perdue.

The judge says Amerson saw the other boat but did nothing to avoid the
collision. Amerson will now have to pay the medical bills for three women
injured in the collision.

Beverly Perdue is seeking the Democratic nomination for governor.

LOAD-DATE: October 26, 2007
LANGUAGE: ENGLISH PUBLICATION-TYPE: Newswire Copyright 2007 Associated Press All Rights Reserved

Perdue stop trying. You are not a coal miner's daughter. You are a coal mine OWNER'S daughter.

I am the daughter of a truck driver, a man who has returned to driving trucks after Bruce Wunner and other people at Refuel America (part of NewGen Technologies) failed to pay him for months of work, failed to make payment on health insurance, failed to notify my father of possible problems with paying him, and STILL owe him money. I imagine that these people at ReFuel and NewGen are driving their lovely expensive cars, going on vacations, seeing their dentists and doctors, and not worrying a bit about how their inadequate business planning has effected my family. Try being that daughter Perdue.

So Perdue, you should just stop, because you are not getting my vote.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I need stickers that look like this:

so I can paste them on the backs of the college kids around my university. Seriously though, it is 8:30 in the morning and I am continually nauseated by crap smells. Do you really need to douse yourself in a overbearing BAD cologne/perfume for class? It is class. Freakin class. Not the club. Not the keg party. Not the student center. And the wrong-doers are everywhere too. The computer lab. The bathroom. The hall way. These kids are reminding me why I need to get out of college. I try to sip my coffee and all I smell is cheap department-store stank. Grow up. Get some taste. Let me enjoy the mornings.


I've been playing catch up this week. I cranked out a short story on Monday and to my surprise it has received good response for my professors and peers. I will try to edit and clean it up so that there is something to read for the weekend. SXSW was pretty intense. I do have some good pics to post and a story or two to tell. I saw the best rock show of my life while I was down there. Actually, it was more a conglomeration of shows to make it the best rock n' roll experience of my life. I will expand soon. But I will tell you this, Volcom knows how to throw down.