Monday, November 17, 2008

I don't tell my reasons why.

Discover The Cure!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Radio is nothing without listeners.

Nic Harcourt steps down from Morning Becomes Eclectic at KCRW, and again I am reminded of where I come from.

Dreams feel so good sometimes, remembering a dream can feel even better, but seeing my dream job become available five weeks prior to my graduation date is a cup of sweet chamomile tea in my aching stomach of nerves.

I haven't applied for the job, and I can't expect the best radio station in America to track me down and request my resume, nor do I feel like I could begin to even attempt at filling the headphones of Nic Harcourt. But I can use this as motovaiton to work hard towards graduation, and as a reminder of how I fell in love with music and radio.

I am where I am today--in love with music, radio, and the connection of an interview, because of KCRW. I was in my university library, sitting there, studying a subject I lost interest in a year prior, stressed, miserable, and searching for "streaming eclectic music" on google when I found Nic Harcourt on Morning Becomes Eclectic. He was interviewing Roseanne Cash on and it was at one in the morning, after listening to that interview, that I changed my entire focus of college. I felt connected again, listening to Harcourt interview Cash, asking about her dad, her music, and the changes in her life and it was KCRW broadcasting the performance of her music-- unedited and real, that reminded me of what was missing in my life, radio.

My roots are at WKNC, where Ben McNeely, Joel Frady and I started a talk show, and then carried it through two years of air time. WKNC is where I found myself in local music, why I went to countless shows at King's on the weekends, where I found my voice in indie music, where I stayed many late nights working in the office, reworking rotation and reviewing CDs, where I brought band after band in for interviews and gave them the opportunity to play their music, live on 25,000 watts of radio. WKNC is where I learned about the music industry and how I want to be a part of it. WKNC is a huge part of who I am, and it is largely because of that night in the library when KCRW gave me music and and a damn good reason to forget about being a chemist, and I could not be more thankful for that.

So, Nic, thank you for your work and your time at KCRW. Although I have been focusing on WKNC for the past twenty months, and not listening to you as much as I did in the beginning of my radio journey, I am truly sad to see you leave. You and KCRW have done so much for the alternative music community, the artists, and most importantly-- the life and rebirth of radio itself. So it is once again, it is you and KCRW giving me inspiration to dream and a reason to continue to work hard.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

take me away,
back to when I found Ginger Envelope on a Saturday night at Kings
back to when the economy was good and my graduation date was still two years away
back to when I didn't know any better
back to the days of hard working and goal making
back to when reality didn't sting
before I read A Portrait of the Artist as A Young Man
before I read The Road
before I figured out how the music industry works
before I learned too much and got my nerves on edge

cradle and encapsulate it all