Friday, July 25, 2008

They sure don't make 'em like they used to. Ricky Nelson, I wish you were still around to teach boys a lesson or two. Chivalry is dead, and common decency is in the intensive care unit. Technology has taken courting and dating to texting and Facebook. It makes me sick. What happened to just asking (in person, face to face) a lady to the movies?

~signed with love, Kelly Lou Reid

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Music take a dance with me. Whisper in my ear and tell me the future. Tell me what will happen to radio. Does the injection of digitalization become lethal?

Friday, July 18, 2008

I don't usually do this, but after having an exceptional radio show yesterday I wanted to reflect on the play list. Radio is my love. It takes me away from everything. For two hours I lay down all the cds and vinyl. Make a mess. And mix songs. Yesterday I woke up and said to myself, I want to play some Beach Boys and that awesome Lucinda Williams song, that nine minute long song. So I did. I wish I could podcast the set, but I am not that advanced yet, and the truth is that live radio is better than any podcast could be. Enjoyz.

Joy Division Shes Lost Control
Jim Noir Ships and Clouds
Little Beirut Acid Wash Soul
Neva Dinova Its Hard to Love You
Andre Williams And The New Orleans Hellh Rosalie
Young Fresh Fellows I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight
The Shys Savior
The dBs Nothing Is Wrong
Beach Boys Don't Worry Baby
Wilco Shot in the Arm
Lonnie Walker Wider Than White
Animal Collective For Reverend Green
The Black Angels You In Color
The Kinks I Gotta Move
The Dry Heathens Just as Well
Jah Wobble Ollie Marland Polly Eltes Voodoo
Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies Make My Day
Filthybird Fightsong
Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell Second Option
Dr. Dog Uncovering the Old
Man... Or Astroman? Jokers Wild
Okkervil River You Cant Hold The Han Of A Rocknroll Man
Echo And The Bunnymen All That Jazz
Mr. Gnome Pirates
Beck Soul Of A Man
King Khan And The Shrines Burnin Inside
Kings Of Leon Milk
Lucinda Williams Wrap My Head Around That

Friday, July 11, 2008

Damn right I am whiner, because I have things to whine about. For one, I have no health insurance and not enough money to take care of my medical needs. If the economy stays upright long enough for my father's insurance to kick in when September 15 rolls around then maybe I will hush, but it's not likely. The problem is real. The economy faltering and thus resulting in my father being laid off is not mental. The lack of a health-care safety net for full time, working students like myself is not mental (Yes there is COBRA, but you have to be able to afford it). My two cavities, wisdom teeth extraction, and recently worsening vertigo issue is not mental. I need to see a doctor, I can't afford it, and I think that is something worth whining about.

While we're on the topic of a "mental recession," last time I checked the millions of factory workers being laid of in America didn't ask for their jobs to be outsourced overseas. All you politicians don't get it. The number of Americans living paycheck to paycheck is rising. Americans need to stop right now and ask themselves this-- if you lost your job, how long would it be till the bank foreclosed on your house or you were evicted because you could not pay rent? How long would it be till your car was repossessed or you were forced to sell it? Till your savings were drained, well if you have one? And don't rely on food stamps or unemployment because it is not that much help and if everyone needs it at once then the system would collapse (I don't know how it hasn't already collapsed but that is another topic). So how long would it be till the mental became reality? Ten months, six months, three months? You know, maybe you are right Phil Gramm, maybe it is mental. Americans have been mentally poisoned to believe that gas prices will always be cheap, there will always be jobs, and products will always be affordable. And now that the tables have turned, now that we have been over promised, over outsourced, and over marketed, we are whining.

What we need is a good, hard slap upside the head. You don't NEED a SUV. You don't NEED a huge house. You don't NEED new clothes every season. We need to conserve, live with in the means to function and live-- our actual means, not the means of interest rates-- and we need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, "Who is controlling who?"

Now, because music makes everything better, Mates of State with, "Whiners Bio."