Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How is a college student supposed to get an internship these days?

My lack of money smacks me in the face again

Raleigh's daily metro- The News and Observer is hosting a career fair to help college students studying journalism find internships. They state that they know editors are crying out for talented journalists in all skill areas and that their goal is to do something and suffice this apparent need. They want to provide "students and young journalists a weekend opportunity where they can be exposed to these fields and get excited about career opportunities in a single visit." Well great for you, but when you charge a $30 registration fee you cater only to the students who have expendable funds. Becky Beach, organizer of the event, states that the fee is needed to cover the expense of renting the conference room and equipment from the hotel. For most, thirty dollars isn't a lot of money, but for some it can go a long way. Let me explain just what thirty dollars can cover.

Five amazing things Andrew Jackson and Alexander Hamilton can do:

1. Pay a portion of the bills. It's always nice to have electricity.
2. Buy groceries for a week, or two if you enjoy consecutive meals of meat-less spaghetti.
3. Fill up the gas tank and alot for a snack. Now this varies on the price of gasoline.
4. Purchase winter clothes, but only if your shopping destinations include the Bargain Box and Goodwill.

~and what some may consider more important over the above

5. A Friday and Saturday night filled with local music shows accompanied by a solid buzz.

What would you do with $30?

I'll figure it out when it comes my way, but until then I will be attending the NCSU career fair on Thursday from 3-5 where there will be free food and no registration fee.

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