Sunday, July 08, 2007

I don't know where to start. It has been too long. Life has been chaotic, stressful, and disapointing. Writing has been neglected and now my fingers find it hard to translate the muck that is impeding a necessary level of functionality. Such a sloppy sentence.

The Oliver Future album "Pax Futura" came in today. A gorgeous blend of progressive rock, soulful lyrics, dancy bass lines, all wrapped with a retrospective tone. Lovely.

Started reading Tuesdays with Morrie. I hope it gets better, the writing is bland. A good story deserves excellent writing, never vice versa.

I need, want, and will be doing a blog about this whole internet radio- royalty rates hike- crap fest currently playing out in the music industry. I am quite pissed about it all. I fear it will, if it hasn't already, spill over into traditional radio waves. Since when has it been okay to control what I do with my speakers? Never, and it needs to stay that way. If a business or person wants to play WKNC 88.1 FM, or any other radio station, for all to hear then they should be able to do so. Radio stations should not have to pay ridiculous amounts of money to play songs. The music industry needs to fix their broken business model and find another form of income. Radio is a public service and a form of press. Heard of the first amendment? I guess not, freedom to hear wasn't included.

Oliver Future---- "I'm not afraid of my head anymore."

There is a meeting I should have been at thirty minutes ago. I need to leave soon, but I am still in my bathing suit- it's cold, damp, and another reason why I don't want to go.

Definitely check out "Pax Futura." It would be injustice to pick three tracks worth listening to. The whole album is worth listening to, a rarity these days.

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