Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A new year. Is it not just a number?

Plant the ass in the seat, and write.

I am ready for school, which will mean much less drinking. My liver needs a rest. Funny how when school isn't in, I am letting my brain relax and putting the liver to the test.

Syntax. Look at that sentence structure. Tisk, Tisk.

Authenticity is what I want for 2008. I told someone that and they didn't get it. Silly boy. Can't you see? Authenticity is an extension of living deliberately, a way of keeping the mind from becoming lazy, self exposure.

Authentic with others, self, and the cultures. Authentic sounds. Music.

Wes Anderson meet Devendra Banhart, please.

Clean the desk. Look at the bank account, a few bills. Think about the grocery store. Stretch. Don't drink,,,,,,

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