Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Fate has a funny way of coming around,"

The telling piece of advice is tucked away in the the second to last song on Dr. Dog's new album, Fate. And as life will have its funny way, the title of the song is The Beach. So I forget that I am not at the beach. And I remember. I am here in my city of oaks, crashing pools. Sometimes beaches have concrete ledges and chlorine. Sometimes the beach is my bed. Sand pillows and sound waves.

Forecast: the latest album from Dr. Dog is the sound summer makes when you catch the first lightining bug, cupped inside of your hands the music glows when you take a look at the first token of freedom.

There is this dream I've been conjuring up. It involves booking bands, live music, a pirate radio station, some form of a hotel or hostel, and a combination of good drinks and eats--- all in the same location. Add a swimming hole into the mix.

Mr. Tender of the Bar, add a little Strychnine to that drink, will ya?

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