Monday, February 23, 2009

"Are you scared of making money!?!"

Things in my life have changed, as they do after one graduates from college. I could write a two page essay on why it is the worst time economically to graduate and ramble on about misfourtunes, letting the paragraphs stack up to a grim conclusion on how my generation is a pile of sponges. But I am not going to write those words. Complaining doesn't help a damn thing. So I am facing the facts; Bev Perdue is Governor, we are teetering between a depression and painful recession, and because I have chosen not to enter the 9-5 workforce straight out of college, my life is not going to follow the books, and I will not exactly be raking in the money, or health benefits. But I am doing what I want to do: perusing a life of music, writing, art, and happiness--- creating a self-defined position that has no list of college requirements. And, hey I graduated and at the same time, managed to squeeze a lil' drop of blood from a sugarcube.

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