Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Hey Kelly, who is this?"

When I hear that question more than once I know I've found a nugget of goodness, which was again the case this Sunday when I tended bar at Raleigh Times. Tending bar at any established, well functioning restaurant is kind of like winning the lottery and working at The Times there is an added bonus, not only is the lucky, hardworking, winner pouring great beers, but they are also choosing the tunes. So for me, although I am usually waiting tables, this is absolute heaven. This past Sunday, after the lunch rush of downtown visitors, young professionals with their hangovers, and the always lovely regulars looking for a cold beer, I slipped in an album I've been coming back to on a regular basis lately, "Golden Touch" by Wow and Flutter. It's out on Jealous Butcher Records. You can listen to most of the album on the band's MySpace or visit Jealous Butcher to buy the sweet 180-gram vinyl. The above video is the first track, "Red Face," from the album. Dig it.

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