Monday, May 07, 2007

I came into the office today to get the mail. I was hoping that one of the prisoners had written me back so that I could add another level to my paper. No letters from prisoners, so I dug through the overflowing box of envelopes looking for any packages that seemed suspicious. "Sky Blue Sky" was supposed to be here last week. I grabbed three cardboard envelopes that seemed too generically corporate. Checking my email I opened the first one- no luck. Steve walked in and opened one and shouted,


"What, really?!?"

"Hah, just kidding." Freaking bastard.

"Man, if I don't get that Wilco album today I am not going to play it at all, " I said in exaggerated frustration. "It was supposed to mail out two weeks ago, or at least that's what they told me," I complained as I began to tear open the last envelope. I pulled the CD out and removed the piece of paper wrapped around it,

"WILCO!!!! It's about damn time. Woooo-hoooo, WILCO!"

I would have played it even if it didn't come today- I just don't like being at the mercy of larger labels, especially when I could have very easily downloaded it. But I waited and it has made for a wonderful start to the week.

Time to write one hell of a term paper. It's due at 4. I guess Nonesuch Records and I do have something in common- professional procrastination.

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