Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I really need to be studying

But I am not. Rather, I am in the east wing of the library on one of the new Mac computers. I discovered someone's library of music on iTunes and I am fairly impressed. I found what I thought were a few old songs from Wilco that I weren't familiar with. I googled a track title and it turned out to be from their upcoming release "Sky Blue Sky." Now let me clarify, I did not download the new Wilco album. I have been waiting patiently and eagerly for it to arrive in the mail. I could have downloaded it. I've heard it's all over the web. But I haven't. Rather, I called Nonesuch records and Warner Brothers and reminded them that WKNC is one of the top 12 college radio stations in the nation, we broadcast at 25000 watts, and to please make sure that we get the new Wilco. Still no album.

Hmm, for some reason that library of music just disappeared. I guess that person logged in on another computer. Go figure. The Wilco tunes were good while they lasted. Maybe "Sky Blue Sky" will come in the mail today. It's supposed to, that's what Warner Brothers told me.

Maybe, just maybe, they will send the 12-inch. Probably not, but after listening to those songs I would love to hear it on vinyl. Ear pleasing, vintage dancing, sweet soothing summer vinyl.

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