Wednesday, April 16, 2008

John Hillcoat, please use Avey Tare and Panda Bear of Animal Collective in the soundtrack for the upcoming film adaptation of McCarthy's THE ROAD. Please. I can only imagine what eerie sounds they could produce for the film. It would work well.

One of up my friends who tends to disagree with me on musical things also disagreed with me on this choice. He had good points- they don't make soundtrack music and they have never made a record that would fit the sound of the book; generally their music has an underlying tone of happiness. His points were valid, but too formulaic. For me it was the timing.

I told him that it kind of happened like this: I read the book, then two weeks later post-McCarthy upset and doomed feeling, I listen to some Panda Bear, and could hear them drawing out the suspense of a "lost human" noise through out the book and then at the end,
with the glimpse of green color
and the survival of the boy
the music breaks,
with a sliver of hope,
the passing of the fire;
the knowledge that inside humans are men, people, a fire
and somehow humanity survives.

This music and creative writing mixture of study just might work for me.

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