Monday, April 28, 2008

Need to take a minute and write. Currently in the last arm of the storm. Lying in the ditch, holding onto the milk cow, boy I hope they fed her good n' plenty--those winds are fierce. EXAM WEEK.

I've been thinking about the Peace Corps a lot lately. It is something I want to do but have inhibitions about. There are stories of females being raped while serving. I would think that each case is situational but it still makes me question the perception of Americans in other countries.

There are some things I am going to do this summer.

-read Ulysses and some McCarthy
-learn how to do a hand stand
-make a music video/short film

I enjoy this one. Obvious college student but the music is good and I enjoy the attempt at mystique.

A lil something to go with that milk cow.

And I am trying so damn hard to throw a house party for these guys (actual band not shown in video). A FAULTY CHROMOSOME ----------->

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