Monday, March 19, 2007

Dear Asshole who lives in my apartment complex,

Don't take it if it's not yours. I don't understand why you felt the need to take my jeans out of the washing machine and keep them- my white J. Crew jeans with a hint of stretch and a 35 inch inseam, the tall size that never goes on sale. I work hard for my money. I am not some daddy's girl that gets to go shopping whenever she wants. I am a full-time student that takes out student loans, works for very little money at the radio station, and waits tables to make sure my bills get paid. And you--- you had the nerve to go through my load of laundry in the washing machine in the locked laundry room of our apartment complex and take my white jeans. You left the other clothes, how considerate of you, asshole. I just don't get it. I earn a little bit of extra money and buy myself a nice pair of jeans, wear them twice, and then you come along and take them. If I see you with my jeans on I am going to teach you a lesson your mom didn't: it's called STEALING and it's not right. You are now an official thief. You have stolen my jeans and stolen my faith in people being honest and good. I now know that there is no community or sense of neighborhood bond. You have given me one more reason not to trust anyone. You're an asshole and you made me upset. I know jeans are a material thing and can be replaced, but for me it was more than that. They were my white jeans. They made me happy when I wore them. They signified financial independence, confidence, and individuality. They were my rock concert jeans. I hadn't even gotten the opportunity to wear them in the glory of summer, my favorite season. You took them, you didn't earn them. You can't wear them the same way I did. You will never know the feeling that swells up when the brain chemistry is in your favor, the music blaring from the stage is lifting you higher, and the white jeans are gleaming in the sea of people. When you wear them I hope that feelings of guilt, depression, and shame paralyze you- that you quiver with fear of being caught and run from the apartment door, making a pathetic dash for the car, avoiding contact with others. What I really want though is for you to realize what you have done in a sociological perspective. The world if full of crap, and most of it we are unable to control, but the thing we have complete control of- being nice to others- you fail at. If anything that I have said makes you decide to relinquish your wrong doings please return the jeans to the leasing office.

Upset, poor college student

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