Monday, October 01, 2007

Advice for bands

What not to put on your bio sheet that accompanies the CD you send a radio station:

"Originally a cover band, [band name omitted because I am a nice person] played music ranging from Pearl Jam to Radiohead to U2 while developing its own sound.

Influences: Radiohead....U2.....Pearl Jam.... [and other bands that everyone lists in hopes to appeal to college radio]"


Lesson number one- please do not admit to being a cover band. I despise cover bands. They make me want to puke.

Lesson number two- don't give typical bands, throw a little something unique in the influences or "sounds like" line. Put a little effort into it. If you can't think of anything original then reconsider why you are sending your record to college radio stations.

Lesson number three- if lesson one and two are ignored, for the good of humanity, don't list the bands that you covered under influences. LAME-O. Lie to me and tell me you were a polka cover band, something, anything.

Class Dismissed.

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