Tuesday, October 02, 2007

this is old. it is from my wknc profile.


For me, music is everything. It is the sound of emotion. It's hearing the right song when you need it the most. It's being there when the songs you love come alive on stage and you couldn't imagine being anywhere else. It's knowing that one of the songs I play might help someone get through their day. It's why I do radio.

I don't have an I-Pod. I don't assemble playlists prior to my shifts. I wake up Thursday mornings, wash my face, brush my teeth, look outside my window and think of one song that can sum up my current mood. I grab that CD, pull whatever others catch my eye, pick through my young collection of vynil for a few records, and make sure I leave the house with a cup of coffee.

When I DJ I empty my bag on the counter and usually start with the song from the window and then I build on that. I play songs that feel right. I do my best to play requests. I always take my shoes off and leave them outside the studio door. I started doing my shifts shoe-less last semester when I had a four hour shift. Taking my shoes off relaxes my mind and lets me forget about everything else I have to do that day- I only think about the music

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