Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I don't want to give up my creative writing degree, but if the money isn't there for the bill from N.C. State then I can't pursue what I really want to do.

I am so fucking fed up with this lame ass excuse for a public education system, and health care for that matter.

If you are poor they give your money for school/healthcare to earn a degree/go to doctor. If you're not poor, but middle class, your are stuck--- stuck with student loan debt straight out of college/with no healthcare.

I know that I've ranted about this before, but I can't help it. It is something that dictates my education, and life, so strongly that I can't not write about it.

I don't want to graduate with only a chemistry degree. I want my creative writing degree, I want an unpaid internship at NPR this summer, I want to follow my passion.

Its always about the money. Because it is. You can't do much of shit in this society with out money.


riaa*sucks said...

yeah money is why the big shopping center put the independent produce stand out of business. money is why i can't sleep at night. money is why the politicians and drug dealers run craven county.

fuck money.

wanna move to sweden with me?

Kelly Reid said...

Yes, I will move to Sweden, but only if I can start a pirate radio station- on a ship.

riaa*is*t3h*sux0rz said...

i see no reason why a pirate radio station on a ship wouldn't be possible. can i have my own classic rock show if i promise not to play stairway or free bird?